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Bar, restaurant Val ferret

The restaurant, open to the public, consists of two separate rooms furnished in traditional mountain style. Guests can also benefit of a splendid terrace which is available for lunch and for bar service during the day with a view of the Mont Blanc chain of mountains.

Built in the first half of 19th century, the hotel has always been welcoming wayfarers. An English tourist guide written back in 1898 mentions it, praising its panoramic view and its warm welcome.

In wintertime, cross-country skiers and hikers gather at our self-service restaurant offering dishes based on polenta, the main traditional dish prepared with corn flour, and a wide range of sandwiches.

Summer menu and Winter menu

During the Summer season, our restaurant offers a wide range of regional and Italian products and dishes as well as a complete selection of wines. The host thoughtfully pairs the food with chosen wines, especially locally produced ones. In high season, particularly at weekends and in August, we recommend to book in advance.
We offer personalised menus for banquets and large groups upon request.

In wintertime, cross country skiers and trekking lovers gather at our self service restaurant offering polenta, the alpine traditional specialty, and a wide range of sandwiches.

Summer menu


  • Mixed cured meats
  • Selection of local cheeses with red onion chutney
  • Lardo (flavoured fat),mocetta (cured meat) and chestnuts
  • Spinach, ham and fontina chhese quiche with fondue
  • Trout marinade with vegetables julienne and apple vinegar
  • “Le Montagnard”: local cured meats, fontina cheese and boiled potato
  • “Lo Tramaglie”: warm cheese, salad, boiled potato and polenta
  • “Lo peichon di ru”: smoked trout fillets, salad, fennel, orange, spicy yoghourt sauce
  • “Antipasto Lavachey”: peppers with tunafish, slice of bread with dried meat and goat cheese, celery with gorgonzola cream, (evening only)


  • Tagliatelle with tomato and basil sauce or ragù (meat sauce)
  • Tagliatelle & speck, cream and saffron
  • Tagliatelle with cep mushrooms*
  • Tagliatelle with deer stew*
  • Crepes rolled with ham & cheese baked in a bechamel sauce
  • Pasta of the day – tomato or ragù (meat sauce)
  • Homemade potato gnocchi (tomato and basil, ragù (meat sauce), butter and sage, fontina cheese fondue or gorgonzola cheese)
  • Minestrone di verdure -Vegetable soup*
  • Minestrone di verdure Courmayeurentze-Vegetable soup* Courmayeur style
  • Valpellinentze soup (cabbage, brown bread, fontina cheese)
  • Polenta valdostana, (with Fontina cheese and butter)
  • Polenta with fresh cream
  • Polenta with fresh milk
  • Polenta with gorgonzola cheese

Main Courses

  • Veal cutlet with ham and cheese
  • Milanese veal cutlet
  • Rosted turkey rump with mushroom sauce*
  • Local trout with sage
  • Thinly sliced steak with rosemary & vegetables (evening only)
  • Stone grilled beef steak
  • Plain polenta or polenta valdostana with fried eggs
  • Plain polenta or polenta valdostana with sorsa (fresh homemade ratatouille)
  • Plain polenta or polenta valdostana with rabbit in tomato sauce
  • Plain polenta or polenta valdostana with sausages in tomato salsa
  • Plain polenta or polenta valdostana with veal cutlets in a white wine sauce.
  • Plain polenta or polenta valdostana with deer stew in red wine*
  • Plain polenta or polenta valdostana with lightly sauteed porcini mushrooms and parsley*
  • Plain polenta or polenta valdostana with oven cooked pork shin and mountain herbs*
  • Plain polenta or polenta valdostana with mixed meats (sausage, veal cutlets and deer stew*) (min. 2 pers.)

Side dishes

  • Sorsa Lavachey (fresh homemade ratatouille)
  • Fresh potato chips
  • Green or mixed salad
  • Selection of local cheeses with red onions chutney


  • Apple cake
  • Chocolate cake
  • Bilberry tart
  • Raspberry tart
  • Pear & choc cake aunt Anna
  • Fresh fruit salad
  • Chestnuts in syrup
  • Fresh fruits of the forest
  • Ice-cream
  • “Bunet”: local chocolate & nut desert
  • Limoncello ice cream
  • Bavarian yoghourt cream with forest fruits sauce*
  • Tiramisu with forest fruits*
  • Supplement of whipped cream


  • Insalatissima: olives, egg, thunafish, mixed salad, carrot, tomatoe, parmesan shavings.
  • Insalata Caprese: Tomato, mozzarella, and origano

Kids Menu

  • Pasta of the day
  • Breaded veal steak or plate of ham or chicken wurstel
  • French fries
  • Ice-cream

Tourist menu 1

  • Polenta Valdostana (with fontina cheese) with sausages and tomato salsa
  • Homemade cake

Tourist Menu 2

  • Crepes rolled with ham & cheese baked in a cheese sauce or Polenta Valdostana
    (with fontina cheese)
  • Oven roasted turkey with vegetables
  • Homemade cake

*If fresh produce is not available frozen ones may be used

Winter menu

Polenta with:

  • Sausages with tomatoes
  • deer stew
  • porcini mushrooms
  • cheese
  • over baked pork
  • milk
  • eggs


  • Vegetable minestrone soup
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Vegetable flan
  • House salad (mixed salad, carrot, tomatoes, boiled egg, tuna, sweet corn, cheese, olive)
  • Pan-fried veal with breadcrumbs with tomatoes
  • Lardo e mocetta (typical cured meat)
  • Mixed cured meats and salami
  • Mixed cured meats, salami and cheese
  • Mixed cheeses


  • Apple cake
  • Pear and chocolate cake
  • Chocolate cake
  • Short pastry cake with apricot
  • Short pastry cake with jam
  • Apple strudel
  • Fruit mouse
  • Bunet